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Van Buren Home School Connection

Anita Corry - Grades K-6 - 641-919-2499

Kurt Jirak - Grades 7-12 - 641-919-8748


What is the V.B.H.S.A?

            The Van Buren Home School Assistance Program is a program designed to assist students receiving competent private instruction, or alternative education, by providing a licensed employee to assist the parent, guardian, or legal custodian in the education of a student.

What is competent private instruction?

            Competent private instruction (CPI) is a plan and course of study provided somewhere other than a public school or accredited nonpublic school setting.

Is the district required to have a home school assistance program and are there requirements for being in the program?

            No, school districts are not required to have a H.A.P.  The home school assistance coordinator is to have contact with enrolled families at least 4 times a quarter with two of those contacts being face to face.

Are there benefits to being enrolled in the program?

            A child enrolled in the home school assistance program is being provided a licensed coordinator and therefore is not required to be assessed annually to determine if they are making adequate progress.  The district must also provide H.S.A. program students with the same materials regularly enrolled children are receiving at the parent’s request.


What can I expect from the V.B.H.S.A. program?

            This program is in early stages of organization and it is my plan as coordinator to create a strong “assistance” program for Van Buren’s competent private instruction families and children.  I hope to be able to arrange “field trips”, informational meetings for parents, educational opportunities for students, set up testing at the district if needed, provide testing for students, and gather materials or answer questions as they arise.



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